What it will cost to fly

1. First, we recommend you come up for an Air Experience Flight,  to make sure you like flying, meet our members, and see the club.


2. You will need a membership to our club - see pricing options below.


3. You will need a membership to GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia)

 Membership: Subscription : 12 months  $360.00   

                           (Pro rata $30 month July-June)

                     : Joining Fee   : $60.00 

                           (Waived if joining in 2020).


GFA Membership - Adult $320+-       ** See GFA website

                            Student $166+-      ** See GFA website    


Note: An Air Experiecne Flight voucher includes the GFA fees for 30 days and up to 10 flights. 

If you join the club  on the same day that you have your first Air Experiencre Flight, you have the option of being charged normal club flying fees, plus the compulsory GFA 30 day AEF fee., and   crediting the cost of your AEF to your account (if you purchased a voucher).

To become a member of the GFA, click below


Club Member Flight Charges (Club Aircraft)

    Launch Fee is $30.00.
    Flight Charges : $60 per Hour (charged per minute).
.     . . .(The first 15 minutes of each flight is FREE)
    Airfield levy $6.00 per day.

   Launch fee for privately owned and operated gliders is $25.

   Flight INSTRUCTION IS FREE to members

    by our highly qualified and experienced volunteer instructors.

Above the Clouds


To become a member, you need to:

  • Attend a flying day at he club

  • Obtain membership and application forms. These can be sent by email once we have your deails

  • Receive an invoice for club subscription

  • Fill out a member application formF

  • Be nominated by two current club members

  • Pay the requisite joining and annual membership fees

You should attend the club before applying to be flying a member so you become familiar with our operation. so that you are aware of how we operate and what will be required in our voluntary organisation.

If you decide to join, we will invoice you for the subscription and email the membership applications and nomination forms for you to fill out and return (or bring with you to the club).

Note: Applications to join will not normally be accepted unless you have attended the clubs flying operation on a flying day.