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Congratulations.... and Flying ....

Congratulations to members Todd Chapman and Grant Nicaud who recently attended a gliding instructor course at the Hunter Valley Gliding Club. Both qualified for the issue of an Air Experience Instructor, (AEI) rating with the opportunity to proceed to a Level 1 Instructor rating after achieving the hours requirements for that qualification.

After completing the course, Grant and Todd flew back from the Hunter Valley in our club PW6 twin seat aircraft being towed by the :Bearhawk towplane before releasing from the towplane when at a safe gliding distance from our airstrip.

Congratulations also to the several new members who recentky joined the club, providing a wide range of ages and varying levels of previous aviation experience ranging from none to previously having had GA pilot licence and some with previous experience in gliding or paragliding. Welcome to the club and WOWG - The world Of Winchlaunched Gliding..

The weather in the last few months has not been kind to us. With all the persistent rain, our airsrip was unuseable for a long time. Even on fine days it was too soggy for vehicles to run over or for safe landngs and take offs. Fortunately, after a consistent period of no rain it dried out sufficiently to recommence flying and we have now had a few days of getting back into action for our members to get their currency back and new members to do some training.

Unfortunately, this weekend (2nd/3rd July) will be a bit of a washout with rain on each day and also on Monday. In addition our usually available weekend Instructors are away at a GFA Instructor information session, so no trainee flying this weekend. Hopefully, the strip will be dry enough for flying on Thursday and next weekend.

Both Grant and Todd may be available for training on the sim this weekend (2nd / 3rd July). Check the Flight Status option to see what day(s) this maybe availabke and do an RSVP if you woud like to take part.

Another item of interest is that the club now has the use of a simulator facility. This will be particularly useful for trainees new to gliding where the effects of controls and the "attitude" of how the view outside of what it should look like while fkying can be demonstrated and practised before trying it in a real glider. Both Grant and Todd, our new AEIs are well versed in the use of the simulator and will be able to show the basic aspects of flying using the sim for new trainees. We will be introducing the use of the flight simulator for new trainees wherever it is practical and beneficial to do so.



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