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Flying Weekend 20th-21st June

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As at Friday evening

Forecast for Saturday looks quite good.

Forecast for Sunday is indicating moderately strong NW winds, low cloud and possibly rain in the morning

Saturday Attendance:

9 registered, 2 instructors, one AEI instructor, 1 solo pilot, 1 winch driver, 3 students, 1 registered AEF, 1 or two unregistered AEFs. maybe 10 in all.

A busy day, especially seeing it's almost the shortest day of the year.

If you are not already registered on the RSVP for the day, or have not already contacted me by phone, I suggest leave it till another day.

Students, try and get there by 10am at the latest so we can get going early. If you are there earlier to get things out, great. Kurt will likely not be available Saturday.

We will need both two seaters out and attempt to be efficient - ie don't wast time between launches if possible or we will not get through everybody with at least two flights.

a). Pie cart and the two seaters to be lined up as soon as possible in the morning. The DI can be completed on the flight line if necessary. Winch out before briefing, Northern end.

We may conduct the briefing in the flight line to save time getting going. There will be work for the duty pilot to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently.

b) Gliders spaced properly and safely side by side on 36 for launch.

c) Rope retrieve - retrieve car to be waiting to pick up the rope as soon as it has landed.

........ Contra landings - if possible by instructors, but looks like it might be too windy. so efficiency in tow backs of gliders required. Students to land on 35.

d) Students/pilots/instructors - as soon as a glider is ready on the flight line, get it ready, do your walk around and be in it if possible by the time the cable is back.

e) Instructors, Get briefing done (if required) when the other glider is in the air. Keep briefings short - ie only what pertains to the current flight, no theory lectures on the run.

f) Precedence for flight. The first glider that is ready will be the one to go, even if out of turn. Any pilot/instructor that is not ready when the cable is back loses their spot to the other one if that is ready first. This may include the glider from the previous flight if it is back on the flight line and lined up with pilots ready before the other (which shoud be prepared ready to go).

g) It is more efficient to have two flights in succession for a pilot rather than switch pilots where adjustments and cleaning need to be done. So, when you are back from a first flight, get the glider ready for the next one straight away.

f) Two seaters to have precedence. at all times -except that if a two seater is not ready to go and the single is, the single may go first.

h) Passengers - Documentation to be completed as soon as they arrive, if possible.

Precedence of flying will be in order of arrival at the club.

... except that solo pilot checks (single flight) can be done first to get them out the way.


Not looking like a very good day.


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18 ביוני 2020

See you all on Saturday!!

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