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How to see whether we are flying

Updated: May 25, 2020

Details on how to look on the website to see whether flying is taking place on a particular day. The following shows how to do this on a mobile or a desktop/laptop computer.

Note: The images shown in this help section are NOT active images. They do not activate anything - they are just o show you what it will look like.

Note: We endeavour to keep the list of flight details up to date. Sometimes the weather may change quickly and a change of plan may occur. If you are in doubt, you can ring the duty instructor to confirm what is happening. The duty instructor's name will be in the details displayed. You can obtain the instructor's phone number from the contacts list page..

Mobile Version

On your mobile - this is the main page (Home, or what you get when you first connect to ).

(Note: The menu of pages on the mobile is displayed from the "hamburger" lines on the top right of the mobile display),

To see the flight details for each day you can select the "Flying Events" button - or just scan down if the heading for the "Flying Day Details Table" are already displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the line in the table for the day you want to see (eg Sun June 2nd).

The details for that entry will be displayed in the field boxes below.

You can then scan down on the display screen to see more fields:

Desktop Version

Click on the "Flying Events button or option in the pages list.

This will take you to the Flying Day Details Table. Scan own the list in the table to find the day you want, then click on it. The details for that day will be displayed in the fields below the table.

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