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Resumption of Flying at Mangrove Mountain

Updated: May 24, 2020

Resumption of gliding operations on Saturday 16th May and onwards

It is intended to restart operations from Saturday 16th. and continue on Sunday 17th.

The flying calendar is now active again and you can RSVP your intention to fly on any scheduled day there. See the "Flying Events" button in the top panel.

This will be done paying attention to social distancing requirements as specified by the NSW Government, and appropriate common sense to minimise any chance of passing on the COVID-19 virus.

Maximum of 10 people to be in any gathering. Social distance to be kept unless Personal Protective Equipment worn (when necessary)

Saturday 16th: Generally for instructors and solo pilots flying. Others are very welcome to attend to assist as crew and contribute as to how we may work out best to operate under health restrictions. It is likely that flying will be prioritised for solo pilots and instructors refreshers and check flights.

Sunday 17th: Flying may include some flights for trainees provided sufficient crew are available.

1. Cleanup of gliders (KRF cleaned last week, GKD to be done)

2. Check equipment (winch tested last weekend). Check batteries, utes.

3. Go through required procedures for operating with health requirements

4. NOTE: The club house is not to be used except for absolutely necessary functions (Retrieval and storage of equipment, toilet only if needed. Max 4 persons in the club house at a time

5. Briefings will be held in the open or in the hangar, not the club house.

6. If you have PPE of your own, bring it with you.

7. Restricted to current club members only.

8. If the weather is suitable and everyone gets organised we should be able to commence flying

9. It is anticipated that any flying will initially be for checking of solo pilots and getting used to operating with PPE. Training will be available after that.

10, Unless otherwise advised, all persons in a glider cockpit with the canopy closed must be wearing a P2 mask and disposable rubber gloves. There will be a supply of these available from the club (at cost). Hand sanitiser and disinfectant cleaning materials will also be available to be used as required.

It may take a little perseverance and patience to get used to the requirements for operating under health restrictions. It must be done, there is no choice about that.

Please remember that some of our members and members of their families are particularly vulnerable because of their age and/or health circumstances and every precaution must be taken. not just for your own benefit nut for theirs.

A single instance of transmission of the virus at the club will almost certainly require complete closure of the club for a considerable time and an expensive cleanup of all facilities and equipment that may have been touched.

Please do not attend if you are not well.

Please act with forebearance, patience and regard for others and follow recommended procedures.

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