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Success at Lake Keepit 7 to 11 October

From 7th to 11th October, some of our recently soloed pilots flew at Lake Keepit Soaring Club. Graeme Martin (Instructor & tug pilot), Luke Brzinski, Grant Bicaud and Todd Chapman attended.

Luke and Grant Converted to solo on aero tow, and Todd renewed his currency for aero tow. All had good soaring flights with both Grant and Todd having two solo flights of over one hour, a pre-requisite for the Gliding C Certificate. Grant also converted to flying the PW5 single seater. Luke, with an instructor, managed an outlanding on the beach surrounds of the Lake

Congratulations to all! It is very encouraging to see our newly qualified solo pilots extending their skills.

Vic Hatfield (CFI, LKSC) got their winch out for test flights on Friday and Saturday. Graeme Martin and Rob Moffat had a couple of attempts at trial flights on the Friday which were not successful because the gearing was not correct. On Saturday the problem was fixed and Graeme flew a couple of successful winch launches in the ASK21. Pilots from Mangrove, being winch qualified, may now be able to undertake winch flights at Lake Keepit if flying there.

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