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Two CCSC Members go solo on the same day 28/06/2020

Sunday 28th June was a good day for the club. The weather was fine and mild most of the day with light to moderate South/South East/South West winds. Good launch heights were achieved.

Ben Brand had a good flight with some lift under a cloud street. Andris Drezins wen solo again after check flights. Lucas Coletta returned to flying after a break and flew the Astir after a check flight. Ron Locke, Mark Suchting and Luke Brezinski also drove the winch, with Luke on his "first solo" winch driving. Visitor and temporary member Lisson Slade enjoyed a couple of introductory training flights.

The highlights of the day were the last few flights when both Grant Nicaud and Luke Brezinski flew well and then both did their first solo flights at the end of the day. This is a first for the Central Coast Soaring Club - to have two first solos on the same day. It is fitting that the last two flights of the finacial year were both solo flights. Congratulations to both Grant and Luke,

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Great news. Congratulations to Luke and Grant on their first solos plus a big thank you to Rob, Michael and Graeme and all who assisted in getting the PW6 in the air.



Unknown member
Jun 30, 2020

Congrats Luke and Grant!! Nothing beats the excitement of the first solo flight!!


Unknown member
Jun 30, 2020

Well done Luke and Grant!!! The real fun begins :). Well done to the instructors who got them there as well. Good to see you back in the air Lucas, Ben and Andris.

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