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Air Experience Flights are available. You can purchase a voucher or gift voucher here for a flight or flights.
AEF List
There are three AEF options available.

Select the option you want to purchase. If a gift, or for another person enter the persons name for whom you are purchasing the voucher

Note: A discount is not available on the Double Deal option.

1). A Taste of Gliding

Winch Launch : Single Flight

Flight time : from 5 to 15 minutes depending on "thermal" conditions.

An exciting Winch launch with a flight over the beautiful scenery of the Central Coast.

* See and Feel Option:


2). The Double Deal

Winch Launch :Two flights

 or one longer flight

Two flights or one longer one. If the first is less than 15 minutes, you get a second flight.

If conditions allow, a flight of between 15 and 30 minutes, or two shorter ones.

* Economy Option for more  flying.

Ideal for those interested in "having a go". First flight to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, the second flight or longer flight to try flying yourself.


3). Extended SLG Flight

Self Launched Glider Flight extended flight

Flight time: from 45 minutes to one hour. 

A fantastic scenic experience. Climb up to 7000 ft above the wonderful Central Coast then, engine off, glide over the lakes and beaches or Mangrove Mountain Countryside.


Take photos, enjoy the view, and still have time for an extended go at flying the glider learning how we fly gliders long distances.


Winch Launched Flights

These can only take place on club flying days where there is sufficient crew available for safe launch operations.
You need to confirm whether we are flying or not on the day you wish to come. Check the Flying - Events page.
If you are coming from a long distance it is a good idea to call the club or instructor of the day to check. See Flight - Events  and Contacts  pages.

Self Launched Glider - Extended Flights

Bookings are required. Bookings can be made for a flight at a mutually convenient time. At least 24 hrs notice for a booking is recommended. Note: Flight times depend on the availability of the Instructor, and of course the weather. You will get the best value from an extended flight on a bright sunny day with light to moderate winds.

A Taste of Gliding - Winch

The thrill of a winch launch in a glider, the lovely countryside around Mangrove Mountain, gliding smoothly through the air. 

This is an introduction to the pleasure and thrill of gliding, ideal for those who just want to see what it is like, look at the view, take photos or a video. The flight will be between about 5 minutes and 15 minutes depending on conditions.

The charges for insurance, 30 day membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia and our club are covered in this cost.


The Double Deal - Winch-

.. A Taste  ... and a Try

Time to enjoy and photograph the beauty of gliding at Mangrove Mountain, with either a longer flight or a second flight to have a fly of the glider yourself.

This is best for those who might like a greater exposure to gliding. First flight to look, see, feel and a longer or second flight to have a go. One flight if over 15 minutes, or two if the first flight is under 15 minutes.

This is an economical option where the additional second flight is less than what we charge our own members as all the major costs are included in the first flight.


Extended SLG Experience

 .. The beauty of flight

See what high flying gliding is all about with a flight of 45 minutes to an hour over the magnificent Central Coast on an extended flight in the Super Dimona Motor Glider.

A great visual experience gliding at height above the Coast and Mangrove Mountain.


If you are wanting to learn to glide, this will also give you a long flight so you can have an extended time flying the glider. 

This also covers insurance costs, club and GFA membership for 30 days where you can fly at our member rates on the winch in the SLG.

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