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Information For Pilots


Lat 33º 17´S, Long 151º 12´E


156 Bloodtree Road,

Mangrove Mountain, 2250

New South Wales




As above


0402 907 038


0414 635 047

Operation Details:

Flying days: Saturday, Sunday & Midweek (Usually Thursday)



Area: The airfield operates in Class G airspace up to 7500ft. (refer to VTC)  

CTAF: 132.1


Airfield Elevation: 1000ft


Runways: 18/36 Grass/Dirt - Takoff & Landings            - 07/25 Grass (short strip) - Landings only.


Windsock is positioned next to the ''Gliding operations in progress'' marker adjacent to the main hangar & council complex.   


Note: Take into account possible wind shear below treeline when on Short final, and traffic departing Warnervale and Somersby Aerodromes.  

Powered aircraft such as Aeroplanes, GA, LSA &  helicopters (excluding emergency service aircraft) are prohibited from landing without approval due to council regulations, except for emergency and precautionary landings. In order to land at Mangrove Mountain pilots must notify the club of intentions so the club can get approval for landings by the council. Motor gliders are allowed on the condition that the engine is not used during the approach.

Aircraft flying in the vicinity must operate on 132.1. Aircraft approaching the vicinity must announce intentions when 5 minutes from the airfield. Do not fly below 3000ft directly above the airstrip as launching with a cable up to 2800 ft altitude may be taking place. Remain clear of the circuit area (unless setting up an approach and landing) as gliders can conduct both right and left-hand circuits depending on wind direction. 

If gliding operations are in progress, keep a good lookout as gliders may be operating within the vicinity up to cloud base or 7000 ft OCTA and are hard to see.

Gliders from other clubs are welcome, please contact the club prior to bringing your glider along so we can accommodate for you. 

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