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I hereby apply for membership/renewal as an ADULT / SECOND FAMILY ADULT / FAMILY STUDENT / FULL TIME SCHOOL STUDENT / LIFE MEMBER / ASSOCIATE/SOCIAL member of the above named Club.

In consideration of the Club renewing my membership I hereby for myself, my executors, my administrator and assigns, agree as follows:-

  1. a)  That I will at all times be subject to and obey the rules, regulations and the by-laws of the Club and the instructions and orders of the Club President, Instructors and Officials of the Club and the Gliding Federation of Australia.

  2. b)  That the Club may at any time for due reason, refuse to instruct me or permit me to fly the Club’s aircraft.

  3. c)  That the Club shall in no way be responsible for any personal or material accident or damage suffered by me during the period when I am undergoing instruction or otherwise flying in the Club’s aircraft or I am on the Club’s aerodrome or premises whether caused by defect, neglect, or lack of skill of the Club’s Officials or servants or through any defect in the Club’s equipment or otherwise howsoever.

  4. d)  I agree that I am liable for the costs of repairing damage other than fair wear and tear which occurs to any glider owned or controlled by Central Coast Soaring Club Inc. of which I am Pilot in Command. My period of responsibility includes hangaring, ground handling, towing and flying of the glider.
    In determining the costs of any such repairs, I understand and agree that the following provisions shall apply:-

    The Committee of Central Coast Soaring Club Inc. shall determine the costs of repair and such costs shall be binding except that I may apply to the GFA for an independent valuation which may be substituted for the costs of repairs determined by the Committee of the Central Coast Soaring Club Inc. and I will also be responsible for the costs associated with the valuation.

    The Committee of the Central Coast Soaring Club Inc. may waive or reduce the costs of repairs if in the opinion of the Committee I was not responsible or only partly responsible for the damage.
    I will not be responsible for any damage if it occurs when flying a two seater glider with an Instructor on a training or checking flight (An Instructor would not normally be expected to pay for damage incurred as a result of a training exercise except in the case of extreme negligence.) .

    The amount payable under the foregoing provisions will not exceed the relevant insurance excesses which are presently $1,000 for all Club Aircraft PLUS all transport and traveling costs necessarily incurred in having the repairs affected.

Do you suffer from any illness that may affect your ability to fly an aircraft?

Thanks for your application! We will review and a club member needs to second your nomination, and your annual club fees need to be paid. Then, we can put your application before a bi-monthly meeting of the committee for your acceptance.

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