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How to RSVP for Flying

Updated: May 25, 2020

How to notify that you are intending to be present for club activity on a particular day.

This includes how to see who has RSVP'd for the event already. (See at the end of this entry).

You do not have to be a member of the club to RSVP to come flying. You just need to provide your name and email address.

Mobile Version

On your mobile - this (shown below) is the main page (Home, or what you get when you first connect to ).

(Note: The menu of pages on the mobile is displayed from the "hamburger" lines on the top right of the mobile display),

The procedure for RSVP to flying (or other) events is similar to that for "How to see if we are flying". ie. Click on the "Flying Events" button.

Then, when that page is displayed, just scroll down until you see the "Upcoming Events" display section.

Scroll up and down as required till you find the day for which you want to RSVP.

The entry for that day will be displayed. Click on the RSVP button for the day you want.

To see who has RSVP'd for an event, just tap on the event entry.

This will display a list of those who have responded


You can see who an individual is by clicking on the icon for that person.

To add your RSVP, click on the RSVP button. (You can do that without displaying the details of who else is coming if you want to go straight into the RSVP.

Click on the RSVP button on the entry for that day to confirm your selection.

The form to enter your details will be displayed.

Enter your details and click om the "Submit" button.

You will get a confirmation notice displayed similar to that below. You will also receive an email confirmation.

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