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There are three AEF options available.

Select the option you want to purchase. If a gift, or for another person enter the persons name for whom you are purchasing the voucher

Other Payment Options

This section is for payment options other than the standard Winch Launch and Self Launching Glider  AEF payment options.
Use this section only for non standard payments by credit card via Paypal. For example, paying for an Air Experience Flight at the Gloucester annual camp, paying a variable amount for a club account.
This payment sections is NOT linked to vouchers. Your only receipt will be the one you receive from Paypal.
Note: If paying a variable amount for a club account, you should add 3% for Paypal charges. Any payment fees will be added as a denbit to your account. Paypal fees are already included with the payment of a fixed charge amount set in a payment option,. 

1). Aero tow AEF - (Gloucester)

Aero towed AEF at Gloucester Ridge Flying camp August 2020.

Aero tow from the Gloucester Airstrip to the Gloucester Ridge, or over the town. If the ridge is working, the release from tow may be lower than 4000 ft in order to contact "lift" on the ridge. If no lift on the ridge, the tow will be to 4000 ft if allowed by weather conditions.

$ 300

2). Variable Payment

Use this optin to make a payment of a value entered by you.

Enter the payment amount you wish to make.

Except for preset costs for Air Experience Flights, add 3% for Paypal Fees.

---- (to be entered)

3). (Option not activated)

-- Not active --

  ---  Not  Active ---


Other payment options...

Gloucester AEF

Pay $300 at the Gloucester airstrip

 -- Variable Amount

Pay required amount (plus 3%)



Unused Option


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