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Clubhouse Makeover Update

On the weekend before last (23rd/24th July) the old lino flooring was removed and a new floating floor installed. The flooring is in place but the trims around the edges remain to be done. The materials are there and this will be completed at a time that suits those who can be available to do the work.

Many thanks to the members who gave up their time to get the job done. The club room now looks so much better.

Todd Chapman - and his son Ben

Rob Moffat

Gavin Cusack

Josh Davis

Wes Eggins

Graeme Martin

(Have I missed anybody? Apologies if so)

We will need to keep the floor cleaned regularly so that it does not end up with impregnated permanent grime like the lino did.

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Great work by the Team - flooring looks good.

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