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Weekend 27-28 August - Flying Prognosis

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

See later update below the first part of the news...

There is some rain forecast for Friday evening (happening now) and Saturday afternoon.

However, it is not forecast to be very heavy.

Sunday is forecast mostly clear but perhaps a shower later in the afternoon - but reasonably warm temperatures compared to the previous few days. That bodes well for some thermal activity.

As the majority of the strip has dried out enough for winch operations and only light rainfall expected on Friday and Saturday, my expectation is that we will be able to fly on Sunday.

Saturday (tomorrow) we have no-one who has RSVP'd to come that day, so there will be no instructor or flying that day,

Sunday currently (as of Friday afternoon) we have registered on the events RSVP : a winch driver, an Air Experience instructor and an L2 instructor. One member has contacted me showing interest but not yet RSVP'd. We also have two prospective members who have said they would like to come and have a look on Sunday,

Check Flight Status / activity for updated details Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Visitors and Air Experience Flights: There is no need to turn up at 08:30 am (which is the indicated start of the day). It takes a while for members to get things ready, A suggested time to come is at 9:30am or even a bit later will be OK if you have done an RSVP on the club website. Visitors and AEFs - please indicate that you want to come by doing an RSVP on the club website Events page - so we know you are planning to come and we can organise for it.

The order of flights will be organised at the morning briefing which is at 09.30am. If you have not done an RSVP your name will not be put on the flight list for the day until after you arrive.

Club Members: Briefing is at 09:30. Attendance is requested earlier at 8:30 am so things can be got ready for an early commencement of flying - particularly if it looks like we will have a busy day - or if it looks like flying may be cut short in the afternoon by weather.

Graeme Martin

Chief Flying Instructor

UPDATE Saturday

There is sufficient crew (just) registered and known to be coming so provided the strip is not too wet, winch launch flying should be a goer. We have 3 instructors and a winch driver and two trainees planning to come. There may also be two potential new members coming mid morning. Room for a couple more (preferably accredited for winch/glider retrieve).

The PW6 was derigged onto the trainer last Thursday and will be taken up to Lake Keepit for the new canopy and Form 2 in the middle of next week - and be away for a week.

Current weather forecast

Saturday weather is not as bad as indicated.

Sunday looks to be OK, a bit of low cloud early in the morning and then a day of up to 19 deg with light NE / N winds. There may be a shower later in the afternoon - but it may not eventuate as predicted. This is good winching weather. The Southern part of the strip should be fine for winching - but we may have to carefully avoid some wet patches.


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