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Flying Days 19th/20th September

The weather not looking all that good. Saturday 19th, low cloud and possibly some showers in the morning, Possibility (according to weather model Meteoblue) that it may clear a bit in the afternoon.

The Puchatek GKD needs to be derigged for it's annual Form 2 inspection so a crew is required for this. It is imortant that this gets done in the near future as KRF will also be coming up for it's annual inspection in a few weeks, and GIS will alsom likely be away at that time for replacement of the canopy.

Rob Moffat will be attending to work on GKD and short term repair the canopy of GIS so we can continue to fly it, and also refit the tailwheel assembly of XGE. There may be some things people can do to assist such as thorough cleaning.

If no flying, we can also do some theory lecturesand discussions for trainiees and refresher for other members on any topic requested.

Sunday 20th is, at the moment, not looking any better. Check on Sunday morning for the latst weather and decision on whether we will fly or not.


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