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Gloucester Glide - a Great Success

The club camp at Gloucester was a great success this year. Pilots attended from several clubs around NSW. The weather was probably the best for quite a few years with flying taking place on every day of the camp. Ridge lift, thermal and wave were available on most days with several flights to over 10,000 ft with a total of 199 hours of flying done.

The Covid-19 situation might have put a dampener on the camp, but good organisation and encouragement to follow regulations from Michael VInce meant that the problems from this had a minimal effect on the operation of the camp.

Gliding Australia Magazine (distributed on the web) has a couple of articles with a few pictures in them. I expect there may be a big demand from pilots again next year.

Financially, it has also been a success for the club where we are well and truly in the black from the amount of flying done, AEF flights and camp fees.

A first for the club was an aero tow of the Puchatek from Gloucester back to (almost) Mangrove, pilot Michael Vince. This was affordable due to the requirement of the Cessna 180 tug to go to Luskintyre, Bob WIlson kindky onky charged for the part of the flight from abeam Luskintyre towards Mangrove and back to Luskintyre.

A very big thank you to Michael Vince and Mike Woolley for the organisation of the camp, a lot of work, esecially from Michael Vince. The results with the enjoyment and achievements of those who attended made it all worthwhile. A big thankyou also to Bob WIlson for the use of his Cessna 180 tug for the aero tows and various others who assisted in liason with the RAAF, the Gloucester Aero Club and the Maslins on whose farm the airstrip is, and thise who assisted in organising the trailers and towing of the gliders to and from Gloucester.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 05, 2020

Yea a big thank you to all who made it a success

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