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Modern 2 seat PW6 club training glider purchased

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

CCSC is very proud to announce the purchase of a modern 2 seat glider for training at Mangrove Mountain.

The glider is being imported from New Zealand, and will be available for use at our airfield in early 2020.

Come for a fly and tell us what you think of this swish machine!


Update: 24th Feb 2020.

Progress is being made on getting the PW6 on the Australian Register. Most of the physical for the form 2 and required ADs has been done. Paperwork is proceeding on getting the wheel/brake mod that has been done on it approved through the GFA system. There will be no physical work on that, it is a process of getting the mod done in New Zealand also approved in Australia. (This is a mod for a far superior breaking system on the main wheel than was originally fitted to the aircraft).

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